Best Handwritten Note Apps on Microsoft Surface Pro, Apple iPad and Android Handwriting tablets

dropbox paper

Paid versions are usually packed with a host of features at an affordable price. It can help you create a table of contents to keep track of all your headlines, subheadings, titles, and the outline as a whole. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool that helps you create notes that come out in the most detailed and organized way possible, Typora is the way to go. Syncing notes is a paid feature.If you want to sync your notes across devices, you’ll need to pay for Obsidian Sync (currently $10 / month).

Amazon just added 3 of the Kindle Scribe’s biggest missing features – Digital Trends

Amazon just added 3 of the Kindle Scribe’s biggest missing features.

Posted: Mon, 27 Feb 2023 21:00:20 GMT [source]

As its name suggests, whatever you’ve written with your pen is transferable to printable formats. In case you made notes on paper, you can scan and store them in the clouds. Also, those scanned papers are editable through the app.

The best note-taking apps available today

You can work together with friends or colleagues on the same document at the same Best Handwriting Apps For Note Taking On Android Devices, which is great for brainstorming or sharing information. Dropbox Paper’s interface is clean and simple, without any confusing features or functions. This makes it easy for you to quickly scan through all your notes and see where you need to focus your attention next. Simplenote is another great option, not just because it’s free, but because it integrates seamlessly with other tools and works on iOs, Android, and PCs.

You can run the app for free with ads, but there are in-app purchases, not least to run ad-free. Additionally, you can also change the text size and color when inputting text for your notes in the first place, which can be very handy. We’ve also featured the best free alternatives to Evernote.

What is the best note-taking app for students?

Users may change the color of the app interface to their liking. If you want to add more flair to the notes, NoteShelf gives you access to a couple of stock photography websites. You can organize your notes in any way you want with the help of the text tool. The app also perfected the collaboration tool, and you may see the changes to a document pretty quickly.


When you don’t feel like writing or typing, the voice recording feature will do you a favor. All in all, Nebo is a perfect choice for those who look for an app that makes your handwriting into docs in seconds. In case the app made mistakes, feel free to correct them directly.

Paid note-taking apps

Then, a few years ago, I migrated all my notes from my paper systems and Simplenote into Evernote and added PDFs and pictures. Just be aware that even the Pro version is a purposely stripped down app. For example, there’s no formatting panel, just support for Markdown. If you want more features, look to Evernote or OneNote, but if you want a simple, minimalist app for iOS that gets the job done, there’s no better option. This is why I’ve done the research for you, road-testing everything.

  • No doubt, having a great note taking app is a lifesaver.
  • However, the founder claims an offline version of Roam is in development.
  • Similarly, there are lots of powerful business collaboration tools that claim to be notes apps but just aren’t suitable for one person.
  • If you’re someone who likes to be organized and wants a quick search for the notes then this is just for you.
  • Today android phones have become a necessity and taking notes is a very common thing that keeps everything organized.

The free version of BlackNote contains ads, but you can get rid of them through in-app purchases. In contrast to Bundled Notes, Simplenote is one of the most lightweight notes apps for Android. If you’re tired of overly bloated apps with features you’ll never use, take a look at this. The app has some organizational features like note tags, while backups, synchronization, and sharing are all available if you create a free account. If you don’t want the extra unnecessary features built into the note-making app then this is the one for you. The app is quite simple and lightweight, making it ideal for use even on old android devices.

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